Sponsor an otter

Moor Otters are a series of 100 unique pieces of art which will be displayed in public accessible areas in and around the National Park and gateway towns in 2017.

The project coordinator is looking for sites for several of these otters in the Chagford area.

The hosting period is from 1st June to 15th Sept 2017

The benefit to any host organisation for being involved in this project is that it will drive thousands of people their way during the summer season.

Depending on the time of the day people arrive on site the visitors will quite likely order food from the location, be that a restaurant or cafe for example. Or perhaps they will make a purchase of a souvenir that they will remember their visit by? Whatever purchase is made it will soon wipe out the investment fee for sponsoring an Otter which is 500 + vat or 4.50 per day over the duration of the project.

For more information, see www.moorotters.co.uk